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Hi, I'm Kelly Matthews!

I am the founder of Tumor Hater. I have a genetic condition called neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1). This has caused innumerable tumors to grow on my nerves and it also causes a great deal of pain and weakness. One doctor even said I easily have over 1,000 tumors. During spring of 2009 I really needed to go back to the doctors but being weary of the costly medical expenses I resisted making any appointments. A friend, knowing my circumstances, stepped in and said she would put together as many fundraisers as needed to pay for my medical bills. Little did I know how her compassion was going to change my life. 

It was during this time that I coined the phrase ‘Tumor Hater’. I printed the first ‘tumor hater’ shirts to sell and help raise my medical funds and along with my friends efforts we brought in $9,500(!!) I soon began to realize the potential that ‘Tumor Hater’ could have when placed on a larger scale, combining ‘Tumor Hater’ products and fundraising. Same purpose, but nationwide, for others in the same situation as I was. So we set it free. I legally waived my rights to benefit in any way monetarily and made Tumor Hater a tax exempt and trademarked non profit.

Tumor Hater has too much potential to only benefit one person. I am thankful that it has given me more fight, drive and purpose to conquer my tumors and I am eager for it to change your life as well.

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