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Tumor Hater is a small but mighty tax exempt non-profit that now has gear in almost all 50 states and in 4 different countries! The heart behind Tumor Hater is to help ease the financial burden of those battling tumors of any kind. All tumors are unwelcome, cancerous or not. Aside from the emotional and physical ways they are difficult, they can also be quite brutal financially. We select one hero at a time and raise money through sales of tumor hater gear online, fundraisers or sales booths at events.

We want our heroes to not only have financial relief but we also want to create a team and community around them. No matter the hero in your life, when you buy our gear you are creating a larger and stronger team of warriors bringing us all together. It is our goal to have each piece of merchandise be more than your new favorite thing to wear. We want it to be deeper than that, we want it to reach your heart and bring out more of your love and light. When you walk around town, we want it to be like a beacon of hope and positivity for all to see.


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Do you know someone that can use our financial assistance? Please tell us their story! Include their name, age and where they live. We are a new and growing company and want to help as many as we can, but depending on funds we may only be able to select one individual to assist by the end of the year.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for being a hero.

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