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Jorge was a local 7 year old boy that knew all too well the inside of a hospital at an early age. He was first diagnosed with cancer when he was 5 years old, after only 1 year of remission the liver sarcoma had returned and he became our hero.

While getting to know him and his family, I was so moved by their family dynamic. They are the kindest people and so hard working. It astounds me that when I was in their home there wasn’t a heaviness that filled the rooms. They were laughing and welcoming. There was no hard heartedness even through this terribly difficult life circumstance, but instead beautiful vulnerability and bravery. 

Jorge’s life was marked with family, love, bravery, strength and laughter. He loved to fish, shoot his BB gun, ride horses, play video games, and run around his family’s property with his little brother. He was obsessed with Spider Man and talked about becoming a pediatrician specializing in infants when he grew up…I mean, how adorable is that?!

After a short time of being cancer free, when he was 8 years old it came back for a third time, and then again once more when he was 9, this is when heaven decided they were bringing their angel home. 

Jorge was a light to everyone he met. His spirit was so strong and sweet. What an incredible honor it was to be able to spend time with him and his family during this sacred time in their life.

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