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Tumor Hater’s first hero was diagnosed with a benign grade 2 cerebral meningioma at the base of her skull. She named it Timone. Not to be mistaken with the likable side kick of Pumba, Timone caused a plethora of increasing side effects including blocking the proper flow of spinal cord fluid which led to a seizure and then of course the discovery of the tumor.

Today Camille is tumor FREE. She kicked her brain tumors booty back in 2012 and has continued to be an inspiration to those around her. She believes in her dreams and works hard to advance her knowledge in her passions. One of Camille’s biggest desires in life is to inspire others to have more LIFE in their LIVING. 


If you’d like to keep up with Camille, check out her Instagram where you will always find some inspiration through her words, her travel adventures and also some of her beautiful photography. As of 2019 Camille has graduated college and is headed to the peace corps in Guatemala! @Camille_LaRocca

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