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Sarah Wood

At age 17 Sarah started having balance issues with some facial numbness. Misdiagnosed with Bells Palsy for 5 months she went about her life, but her true diagnosis only made the symptoms progress. In February of 2015 Sarah was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma and given 1.5 years to live. Sarah immediately had tumor removal brain surgery and underwent chemo and radiation and was able to shrink the remainder of the tumor to be undetectable under MRI imaging. But glioblastomas are relentless and after miraculously over doubling the time frame they gave her, in February 2019 a follow up MRI revealed something a bit suspicious and its biopsy confirmed her glioblastoma had returned. She underwent another brain surgery and they were successful in resecting the entire tumor, reiterating the nickname her care team had given her as an ‘outlier’. The tumor remained undetected until January 2020 when her MRI showed its return. She started a clinical trial to fight against her tumor but also began a huge hip hill battle with a plethora of other medical issues. However in the face of it all, Sarah remained her grit and along with her amazing family, they continued to fight like they always had, together. I am in awe and always will be over the way they always faced Sarah’s diagnoses’ as a team. In late august she had a follow up MRI to see how the clinical trial was going and it revealed that the tumor was not responding to the trial and instead it had grown. So she changed course and began chemo, but this time it wasn’t having the same effect as before. Sarah’s side effects started to increase at a rapid pace and on November 1st, 2020 surrounded by her family, Sarah Wood exchanged her cape for wings. 

Though Sarah is now thriving in heaven, she is still our current hero and we are therefore committed to raising funds for her family to help offset the expenses and lost wages they are working through. We love and miss you Sarah. So incredibly thankful for your love.

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